In which we emphasize the importance of being happy Happiness is a pathway to accessing heart energy. When one is happy, heart energy flows. A leader who chooses to be happy establishes a tone in the workplace that encourages others to find their own happiness and creates the environment in which others’ heart energy can […]

Book Update

A short update for those of you who have been following along. First, thank you for doing so. The initial group of you who signed-up for email notifications when I started writing were a powerful motivator to keep me focused until the momentum of the book took over. The content has shifted some from the […]

Writing Update

Writing for the book Leading from the Heart has taken over all my focus, and there is now quite a gap between the most recent post here and where my output is. Other than if some current event catches my attention and compels me to comment, I’ll resume posting on Leading from the Heart after […]

It’s Not about You

I have to tangent into current events because of today’s news that the Trump White House was surprised that there were no leaks giving them advance notice of impending guilty pleas by George Papadopoulos and Mike Flynn. Presuming this is not “fake news,” this displays obliviousness about a leader’s obligations to a team. A leader […]

Our Sexual Harassment Problem is a Power Problem

As more news coverage is now pointing out, power imbalances and sexual harassment are linked. The traditional corporate solution is to train people about what unacceptable behavior looks like as it relates to sexual harassment. This is important information for everyone to know. Training will help harassers to avoid behaving inappropriately while also giving the […]

Corporate Existentialism

  It’s a Choice We have a theology in contemporary American capitalism whose doctrines include something like the following: The purpose of a corporation is to make money A corporation belongs to the people who own it, i.e., investors and shareholders Any money the corporation earns belongs to owners Any expenses that detract from money […]

Emerging Heart Energy

We live in a time when heart is rising on the planet. More and more people are getting in touch with how they feel about what they see and experience, instead of just relying on what they think about it. When we tap into how we feel, it can be challenging for us and to […]