Introduction to this Blog

I’ve been an observer since at least elementary school—when our principal Ms. Hosman stood on the stage during lunch and in front of the entire student body wrongly accused me of tracking mud into the cafeteria—of how authority figures use fear and intimidation to shame and control others. Since that time, I’ve worked to develop my own alternative leadership philosophy, and I have been fortunate to have held leadership positions in different contexts during my life that provided me the opportunity to learn from others while iterating and testing my own ideas. I call this new model Leading from the Heart, and I believe that transitioning to it is critical for the survival of large organizations.

As it seems more and more that we all need and deserve leaders who can rise above the old ways—ways that are a product of inertia and the absence of an easily understood and attractive alternative—I decided to start writing. This blog represents me thinking out loud about what the challenges are and, importantly, ways to shift our behaviors and expectations. I welcome dialogue, criticism, questions—any sort of engagement, whether by comment here, on Medium where I occasionally publish, or by private message, as it will help me to refine what and how I communicate.

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