What is Leading from the Heart

Leading from the Heart is a way of being as a leader that sees other people as humans, with unique hopes, dreams, desires, and needs that are affected by and intersect with their experience as employees. This way of being brings genuine love and empathy to the workplace, and sees the experience of work as an opportunity for self-actualization. It sees work as an integral part of the human experience, the role of leader as supporting each individual fulfilling their highest and best purpose, and the team’s responsibility as working together to support the organization’s self-actualization.

Leading from the Heart holds work and the experience of being engaged in work to be not about gratifying the leader or the corporation and its shareholders, or meeting a market demand, but about the possibility inherent in each actor. It asks what is the highest and best possibility for each party—the individual, the team, and the corporation—and how best to align and support those possibilities being fulfilled. Work becomes a stage on which possibilities are expressed and acted out.

This website is an exploration of what Leading from the Heart means, why it matters, and concrete ways to practice it.

One thought on “What is Leading from the Heart

  1. I write this as I grow out of years of working within corporate America’a insurance and consulting sectors. In hind sight, I knew I wasn’t living the dream but I was paying the bills, building experience and attaining titles. All the while, I was suppressing and squashing a wild spirit and soul. There was never a sense that my leaders were using their hearts at anytime during the course of our 50 to 60 hour weeks.

    It was the winter of 2000 when I entered the post undergraduate workforce as an Industrial Hygiene Technician. I loved the title and had virtually no idea what it really meant. That naivety combined with my slightly fired-up temper did not bode immediately well for me. Domineering project managers, physically abusive subcontractors, dangerous working conditions and a general cowboy “get ‘er done” attitude pervaded my day to day. To magnify the problem, I was asked to work nights for nearly a year and the workforce scar tissue began to thicken.

    More to come as I keep reading Rick’s posts.


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