Physics of Leading from the Heart, Part 2

More principles of physics that inform Leading from the Heart.

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Everything is energy. Everything in the universe exists first as invisible energy. Energy flows like a river and likes to be in motion. To understand energy flow, emotions are a useful metaphor. When they are allowed expression, a person is generally considered to be emotionally healthy and in control of themselves. When they are repressed, they can spill out in inappropriate ways or at inappropriate times.

It is important to remember that energy precedes matter, so your willingness and ability to work with energy helps you to influence outcomes much earlier, and with less effort, than after they manifest into form.1 Start by acknowledging this universal law, and your awareness of energy flow will improve.

The universe responds to thought. Because everything is energy, and thought is a form of energy, you can use thought to create reality. An example to understand how this works is seen in experiments that have shown how thought can physically alter the underlying structure of water. As a leader, what’s possible for you and your team is directly impacted by your thoughts about them. If you believe something to be so in your mind, you make it more likely to be so in physical reality.

Thought energy is amplified when more than one person shares the same thought. This is why alignment is a critical component of Leading from the Heart. When a leader sees possibility for an employee, there are now at least two people holding the same intention and influencing where the energy flows. A team in alignment about its purpose and possibilities does the same, and an entire corporation aligned can be magical.

  1. This is akin to Buckminster Fuller’s trim tab metaphor (for those of you familiar with it).

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