In which we emphasize the importance of being happy

Happiness is a pathway to accessing heart energy. When one is happy, heart energy flows. A leader who chooses to be happy establishes a tone in the workplace that encourages others to find their own happiness and creates the environment in which others’ heart energy can rise and flow.

When happiness is present and heart energy is flowing, qualities such as playfulness, good humor, benevolence, and the presumption of others’ positive intent is heightened. More trusting and therefore productive and efficient work conditions result.

As happiness and its related qualities spread on a team, and being at work becomes more fun, the multiplier effect of alignment helps to lift the entire team. Even people who are deeply resistant to being happy will start to shift in spite of the view of life that otherwise informs their existence. It is simply very difficult to remain unhappy as a vortex of happiness envelopes a team.

In these conditions, it then becomes obvious who is apparently unhappy and whose being merits additional discovery. This can look like occasionally participating in team meetings or activities, or 1:1 time to dig deeper into the specifics of an individual’s work and their attitudes and beliefs about it.

You might discover clues about ways to adjust who you or others are being, or learn about things to do differently. You might also discover that there are personal issues over which you have no influence other than to be supportive. Regardless, it is critical to listen, remain neutral, and be without judgment, as it is up to every person to choose for themselves how to be in the world.

What looks from the outside to be unhappiness might be extreme reserve or something else unique to the individual. So long as a person’s way of being is not detracting from others’ happiness or the flow of a team’s heart energy, then your commitment to the individual’s free will is paramount.

Finally, remember that happiness is a choice. If one is unhappy, one can choose to either change their circumstances or change their mind. If you can help them to see their options and make a new choice, then you will have contributed to the person reclaiming their power and advancing possibility for themselves and the team.

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