Hi, I’m Rick Hanson. I’m developing a new paradigm for executive leadership to better balance the theology of profit with the humanity of employees. I call it Leading from the Heart. Read more about my intentions or a brief summary of the model.

About this blog
Leading from the Heart is not a linear 10-step program that one can memorize and apply. Instead, it is about shifting our mindsets about what work is and who we are in relationship to it, which makes it both easier and harder to embrace. Harder because many of our beliefs are embedded in ourselves and our organizations unconsciously and therefore we are unaware that those beliefs are choices and not facts. Easier because, once your awareness shifts, the learning acquires a momentum of its own and your ability to know what to do and how to be is driven by your own unconscious inquisitiveness. It’s as if you were told that the color spectrum were broader than you knew and, as a result, suddenly started to see more and new colors—which would change how you see the entire world and how you interact with it, no further coaching or outside knowledge required.

For that reason, the blog is a collection of my “notecards.” In effect, as I rummage through my own non-linear awareness and identify an idea that I think is relevant to the teaching, I create an electronic notecard. Depending on where each reader is in their own awareness, some notecards will generate agreement and maybe an “a-ha” moment, and their own leadership style will adjust. Eventually, as more notecards are produced, it will become apparent how to organize and revise them into a first draft document suitable for further sharing.