Physics of Leading from the Heart, Part 2

More principles of physics that inform Leading from the Heart. Read Part 1 Everything is energy. Everything in the universe exists first as invisible energy. Energy flows like a river and likes to be in motion. To understand energy flow, emotions are a useful metaphor. When they are allowed expression, a person is generally considered […]

The Alternative to Heart

With a title like Leading from the Heart, one might want to ask “what’s the alternative?” In fact, there are only two places to work from for a human: the head or the heart. When we are in our head, we are looking at the world through the lens of thought. It is rational, logical, […]

Being Profitable by Moving Beyond Profit

There is no escaping the physics of profit and loss. Revenues that exceed expenses are a requirement of corporate existence. Extended periods of financial loss will lead to the disappearance of a corporation. As an inherent condition of existence, where many companies, and many leaders, have stalled or regressed in their development is in relying […]

What is Leading from the Heart

Leading from the Heart is a way of being as a leader that sees other people as humans, with unique hopes, dreams, desires, and needs that are affected by and intersect with their experience as employees. This way of being brings genuine love and empathy to the workplace, and sees the experience of work as […]

Using Fear to Gain Power

There are two general models for organizational culture: one is based on fear, intimidation, and violence; the other is based on love, empathy, and support. The model that is most common, that causes so much dysfunction, and that undermines the profit theology, is the fear model. Fear was the tool used by Harvey Weinstein to […]

Why “Banality” of Capitalism

Someone asked me why I used the word “banality” in the title of my previous post, as the usual dictionary definition of banal is “common” or “ordinary,” and the content of what followed the title didn’t seem to wholly align with that definition. In fact, I am intentionally referencing the famous phrase used by Hannah […]